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    National Consulting Service Hotline: +86-0536-2130213 +86-15305366238
    The advantages of choosing Reina

    Advanced equipment and complete testing ensure that the qualified rate of products reached ##.

    Quality Assurance
    We focus on the brand strength for more than 10 years

    The company was founded in 1999 with 16 years of industry experience and operated with research and development, production and sales to service more than 15,000 customers so far.

    We exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Russia, North America and Africa and other countries under the autonomy of import and export.

    There are more than 300 employees, 30 professionals, and 15 middle and senior engineers in our company.

    24-hour service for mass customization
    Custom production, strong strength

    24-hour service for everyday; and we set the initial consultation system that make the whole service is controlled; Call-back within 24 hours for satisfactory service

    Tens of thousands of generator sets are produced every year, and we not only have a strong strength in production, but also have a rapid supply capacity.

    • Omni-directional service support
    • The middle zero link is more favorable

    Weifang Leina Power Technology Co., Ltd. We are a private enterprise, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of multi-cylinder diesel engine and generator sets. The company is located at the foot of the Yunmen Mountain with beautiful scenery. We have 248 employees, 32 professionals and 15 middle and senior engineers with fixed assets of RMB50 million.
    Our company independently develops and produces 4 series ("G", "P", "D", "T") more than 60 varieties of multi-cylinder diesel engines. The rotation rate of the diesel engine ranges from 1500r/min to 3000r/min, and the power covers 15-220 hp.

    LEINA is committed to provide customers with high-quality generator sets.

    Many national patents are owned by us, which proved our superior quality.



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    Weifang Leina Power Technology Co., Ltd.

    Address: 300 meters South East, Industrial Zone of Dongxia, Qignzhou city, Shandong Province


    Manager Chen +86-15305366238

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